When all of the action concludes at the different program centers near the end of the day, Scouts will undoubtedly be looking for a way to continue the fun! Look no further than the Stadium Shows and Base Camp Bashes, which are offered nearly every night during the World Scout Jamboree! Stadium Shows, scheduled on three different evenings, will bring wonder and excitement to attendees with a mix of music, theatrics, and a few surprises. You will find these shows in the AT&T Summit Stadium, at the Scott Summit Center, at the hub of the SBR! These are the highlights of the World Scout Jamboree, and where you’ll likely catch a glimpse of famous musicians, dignitaries, and leaders from around the world.

Conversely, Base Camp Bashes take place on evenings where there isn’t a major stadium show – and this time, we bring the action right to you front door (or tent flap!) Scouts from your Base camp (and adjoining base camps) are invited to a spectacular, high-energy experience, that is one-part concert/one-part dance-party, with enough energy, diversity, and fun to rival any single other Jamboree event. Youth from all NSOs are invited to be a part of these new festival-like events. The atmosphere is centered around you, and it is YOU that will bring the international flare to represent the best ways that you celebrate in your home countries.

Here’s a schedule/list of activities that we are currently planning:
Tuesday, July 23rd – Opening Show (AT&T Stadium)
Wednesday, July 24th – Bash Camp Bash F (Sub camp F)
Thursday, July 25th – Bash Camp Bash A/B (Sub camp A)
Friday, July 26th - Unity Show (AT&T Stadium)
Saturday, July 27th – Bash Camp Bash C/D (Sub camp C)
Sunday, July 28th – Scouts Own (AT&T Stadium)
Monday, July 29th – Bash Camp Bash F (Sub camp F)
Tuesday, July 30th – Bash Camp Bash A/B (Sub camp A)
Wendesday, July 31st – Bash Camp Bash C/D (Sub camp C)
Thursday, August 1st –Farewell Show (AT&T Stadium)

Want to be part of all of the excitement? Click Staff Info for information about joining the Jambo Shows Team.