When all of the action concludes at the different program centers near the end of the day, Scouts will undoubtedly be looking for a way to continue the fun! Look no further than the Stadium Shows and Base Camp Bashes, which are offered nearly every night during the World Scout Jamboree! Stadium Shows, scheduled on three different evenings, will bring wonder and excitement to attendees with a mix of music, theatrics, and a few surprises. You will find these shows in the AT&T Summit Stadium, at the Scott Summit Center, at the hub of the SBR! These are the highlights of the World Scout Jamboree, and where you’ll likely catch a glimpse of famous musicians, dignitaries, and leaders from around the world.

Conversely, Base Camp Bashes take place on evenings where there isn’t a major stadium show – and this time, we bring the action right to you front door (or tent flap!) Scouts from your Base camp (and adjoining base camps) are invited to a spectacular, high-energy experience, that is one-part concert/one-part dance-party, with enough energy, diversity, and fun to rival any single other Jamboree event. Youth from all NSOs are invited to be a part of these new festival-like events. The atmosphere is centered around you, and it is YOU that will bring the international flare to represent the best ways that you celebrate in your home countries.

Want to be part of all of the excitement? It is one thing to be in the audience, but if being in the spotlight is your thing, there are ways you can get involved! The Base Camp Bashes will be actively searching for youth members to engage in different roles such as speaking and performing. Want to make this a full-time part of your Jamborees experience? Consider joining the inaugural World Scout Jamboree Band! Made up of over 80 musicians, playing instruments from all corners of the globe, the Jamboree Band is sure to be one of the most unique elements of the Jamboree, and certainly will provide the Scout Spirit to all in attendance. To apply for the band, after registering as an IST member from the URL below, check out the Band Menu link to find out more and to submit an application and find out how to upload a short video of you.

Be sure to register as an IST Member for the 2019 World Scout Jamboree through your National Scout Organization (NSO). Start here: https://www.2019wsj.org/attend/ist-volunteers 

If you have technical experience in Shows, Production or the like please visit http://www.jamboshows.org/skills and let us know! We are looking for talented, creative people who have the technical skills for fantastic Stadium Shows and Base Camp Bashes!